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I have seen lot of people using term "Hosted Adsense Account" and "Non Hosted Adsense Account".I am little bit confused in it.Basically What is the difference between hosted and non hosted adsense account?

Kindly help.


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Hosted Adsense Account:

  • Hosted Adsense account is that Adsense account that allows publishers to serve Google ads on only Google hosted domains or Google partner platforms like on YouTube, blogspot blog, etc, instead of your custom domains like .com, .net, .info etc.
  • Hosted Adsense account can clearly be identified because Hosted Account clearly written in red at the top right hand side of the publishers Adsense dashboard.
  • You can get a Hosted Adsense account by registering or applying through those Google owned platform like YouTube and the rest.


NonHosted Adsense Account:

  • Non-hosted Adsense account is that Adsense account that allow publisher to monetize their webpage contents with Google ads on any Adsense policy compliant platform you can think of including but not limited to your own custom domains, forum webpages etc.
  • In the non-hosted Adsense Account dashboard, you will not find the red written Hosted Account at the top right corner.
  • Non-hosted Adsense account can be gotten by registering directly through Google Adsense page and by submitting the domain on which you want to show ads on.